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Vince tells of how he once hit on Jonathan Brown's wife.

  • Vince tells of how he once hit on Jonathan Brown's wife.

    MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 13: Bernie Vince of the Demons looks on during the NAB Challenge AFL match between the Melbourne Demons and the St Kilda Saints at Etihad Stadium on March 13, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

Former Brisbane Lions captain Jonathan Brown was one of the more feared players in the competition. Both with his talent as a footballer, but he was also a brute, tall, strong man that could have his way with anyone. 

Speaking on Nova 100.3, Vince told about the time that he approached Brown's wife, Kylie at a bar one night when both were a bit younger than what they are now. 

Jonathan Brown caught the interview last night and responded on his morning breakfast show on Nova 100.3 

“There’s a bit of history there — Bern back in our younger days just sidled up at Kylie and offered her a drink at the bar, before Kylie had to remind him that, ‘Actually, I’m married to the big fella.’”

Vince is adamant that it was an honest mistake and one that he still looks back on and has a laugh.

“It was a mistake ... someone came up (to me) and said, ‘You know that’s Browny’s wife?’ and I said, ‘S*** I’m out of here,’” laughed Vince.

Although, this wasn't the only time that Vince and Kylie Brown had a somewhat "altercation".

News earlier in the week was that Nathan Buckley went to ring Richmond coach Damien Hardwick, but instead, got the number of Hardwick's wife. 

Vince recalled something similar. 

“I just want the door opened and a clear exit before I tell this story”, said Vince.

“I thought I was ringing Browny one night and it was actually Kylie.”

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Brown's morning breakfast show co-host Chrissie Swan then proceeded to ask “Why do you have Kylie’s number in your phone Bernie Vince?” 

The Melbourne midfielder says that he had to give Kylie a lift to an event and says he thinks Jonathan Brown was out of town.

Brown's third co-host Sam Pang asked “How long did you spend on the phone Bernie?” 

“Well I thought it was going to be quick but it ended up being five to ten minutes,” laughed Vince.

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