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Hogan keen to extend Demons deal

  • Hogan keen to extend Demons deal

Rising Star award winner Jesse Hogan still has two years left to run on his contract, but the Melbourne Demons want to nail him down for even longer.

The 20-year-old has already met with club management to view their long-term plans, and preliminary discussions surrounding his future were also on the agenda.

"We have started (contract) discussions and we are not too deep into it," Hogan told The Herald Sun.

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"I have still got two years on my contract and it's not the most urgent thing but I am open to it.

"I sat down with 'Goody' (assistant coach Simon Goodwin) and Roosy and (CEO) Peter Jackson and had a presentation and it was laid out.

"It was good, a lot of clubs do that but I really agreed with the direction of the club and a lot of stuff made sense. The direction for the next three years was very promising."

The West Australian kicked 44 goals in 20 games this year and also won the third most contested marks with 47.

The forward is seen as a key figure in the rebuilding of the Demons and Melbourne are reportedly aiming to extend his contract before the first round of 2016.

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