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Roos warns against mid-season AFL signings

  • Roos warns against mid-season AFL signings

Having observed the NRL closely when Sydney coach, Paul Roos has warned that following their path with player signings by other clubs announced mid-season would be a "disaster" for the AFL.

Carlton forward Lachie Henderson was this week stood down for the remaining three games by the struggling Blues after telling the club he wanted a trade.

While 25-year-old Henderson called for more transparency in the player transfer system, Melbourne coach Roos said the AFL should resist mid-season announcements.

"Having lived in Sydney for 15 years with the NRL, it's not a great look when players sign with another club," said Roos, backing comments made by Western Bulldogs coach Luke Beveridge.

"It's farcical, and I think even the NRL understand that but once it starts it's hard to wind back.

"We're in position where we don't want to see it happening.

Roos, who will become just the 10th person to have coached and played 600 VFL/AFL games when the Demons face Carlton at the MCG on Sunday, warned of a backlash.

"We don't want players declaring during the season that they're going to other clubs - it's a really bad look for the game," he said.

"Having lived and breathed it, the public would be up and arms and outraged by it and it would cause enormous angst among fans, sponsors, members and players - it would be a disaster."

Roos said he understood Carlton's position and also wouldn't want a player in his team who wasn't 100 per cent committed.

"What Carlton have done is a window into the future," Roos said.

"If you know a player's not going to be with your footy club there's very little to be gained by continuing to play."

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