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SALE: Dees Extender Bench

  • SALE: Dees Extender Bench

Sick and tired of benches that just won't extend?

Always looking for places to seat Casey VFL players on a Thursday night?

Well, The Red and Blue Superstore has the answer!!!

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The 'Paul Roos' Extender Bench!

Now you too can call up Casey VFL players, get them to come round before hilariously sending them back for the weekend...

All for your own amusement!

But don't just take my word, listen to these mostly satisfied buyers!!!

''I bought a Paul Roos Extender Bench, and last week Sam Blease came and sat in my garden! All my friends were so jealous! Thank you The Red and Blue Superstore!" - M.Neeld

"The Paul Roos Extender Bench changed my life." - Man in street paid to say '"The Paul Roos Extender Bench changed my life."

And for just 5 monthly payments of $29.99, we'll also throw in a free gift!

Yes! It's a signed picture of Jordan Gysberts!

Ring 03 CHEAP TAT to reserve yours right away!


Errmm...basically, Roos has sent Blease and Nicholson back to Casey for the weekend after last night's initial squad.

But that felt a bit boring.



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