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Preview Dees vs North

  • Preview Dees vs North

8 years since we beat the Roos.

120 points last year.

Time for revenge.

In the Neeld-era, any country town's Under 9 Tiddlywinks team could have beaten us. But, against North the winless spell goes further.

Is it because the 'Roos were an attacking team? And when the then also attacking Dees met, they lost playing their opponent at their game?

Possibly. But everybody, even a man who lives under a rock, in fact even Luke Darcy, knows this Demons team will be defensive in their approach.

Every team who has faced the Dees have scored more behinds than goals, and with North’s forward line more wasteful than sending Clive Palmer a lifetimes supply of salad, this will surely continue. The Dees' defensive pressure could well upset the fragile Kanagaroos attack, and we could see more misses than a Matthew Richardson highlight package.

The Demons will be up for this one, particularly at MCG, and the addition of Blease and Nicholson to the primary squad shows the reserve players are finally pressing Roos for selection. The knock-on effect from the big win appears to have lifted not the just the 22 involved, but the entire list.

Dean Terlich has provisionally returned too, whether Roos feels he can add a spare set of lungs to the 4 quarter defensive effort will be revealed on Friday night with the naming of the final 22.

(If Terlich does return, I personally recommend following my copyrighted 'The Shining Terlich Plan', where one vocally supports and encourages Terlich's impressive efforts without the ball before closing your eyes like the end of The Shining when he wins possession.)

Christian Salem, sadly, has been covered in cotton wool by Roos again and named in the interchange. Hopefully, his amazing quarter against the Bombers will see him avoid the substitute vest.

Expect tough, uncompromising footy. The Demons will set up asking North to hit them with their best punch, and just like Essendon last round, retaliate hard on the counter.

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