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Dees Try To Sign GWS List

  • Dees Try To Sign GWS List

With rumours going round on Facebook and fan forums GWS midfielder Stephen Coniglio is in discussions with signing with Melbourne for 2015, it is alleged Paul Roos offered a rare insight into his drafting strategy.

"Basically, GWS. I want them all. People praise the club for signing Tyson, and that's where he came from, so let's sign them all.

I haven't even seen Coniglio play. Or Patton. In fact, have you seen GWS play? Nope, nobody has.

I've heard Leon Cameron sits up in the box watching re-runs of I Love Lucy. You see him on the phone to the bench? Well, it's not the bench, it's actually Telstra, he's been on hold for 4 months while they sort his internet out.

And when we do sign the entire GWS list up, we're all going to tell Damian Barrett they're really good and get Jack Watts to make internet memes of him when he says they're not.

In fact, I'm thinking of letting Bernie Vince go at the end of the year, so he can sign for the Giants, play for them and then we'll get him back. Just to confuse everyone."

When pressed further after this uncharacteristic, and frankly slightly unbelievable outburst, if  this would mean a return for former Demon Tom Scully and his massive wage, he was more forthright.

"They pay him what? A million a year for a tagger? That's madness!

We don't even pay Jordie McKenzie, unless you count when Nathan Jones gives him a free Meatball Subway if he goes to get his as well."


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