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Were the Bombers Jealous?

  • Were the Bombers Jealous?

According to point 10a of the Workcover Request of Prosecution, Stephen Dank was employed by Melbourne.


This is game-changing. The goalposts are now on Jupiter. This just got serious.

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Now, I don’t care about ASADA, I really don’t care about Essendon and I particularly don’t care what kind of skin cream Jobe Watson uses.

But this boggled my mind.

Regardless of what’s illegal and what isn’t.

Regardless of what’s taken place and who’s said what, at one point a conversation similar to could have taken place.

Melbourne Big Wig: “Now, James, Matthew, Jobe, I’ve brought you in today because we’re looking at employing a new bloke to give us an extra edge.”

James Hird: “That’s excellent news, we’d love to get a real shot at a Grand Final.”

Matthew Lloyd: “Yep, brilliant, one more chance before I retire.”

Jobe Watson: “Who is it?”

MBW: “Well, we’ve seen you guys playing. And we think you’re lacking something. We were watching the Demons and they have something extra. They have this kid Cale Morton, and you all need to play more like him.”

JH: “Cale who?”

MBW: “Morton, he’s going to be a star. We couldn’t dream of drafting him, so we’ve hired the bloke who gives him Panadol. With your skills, following the dietary path of the Demons, we guarantee results!”

JH: “Wow! This sounds brilliant! Finally I can eclipse the performances of Addam Maric!”

ML: “Yes, now finally Jordan Gysberts will be fearing me”

Essendon are probably regretting the Dank fiasco. But when you’re headhunting from the late ‘00s Demons, what’s the best thing that could have happened?

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