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A Calm View of That Win

  • A Calm View of That Win

Now the dust has settled, and the celebratory hangovers dulled by Powerade and Panadol, ití time for a more reasoned review of yesterdayís incredible comeback win over the BombersÖ

  1. The First Half

After Salemís goal, the first half felt like a lifetime ago. So long as the Demons were winning at the siren was all it felt that mattered.

But re-watching the game, it felt like a return to the early season form, a desperate defence holding out with no link to the forwards. The way Roos has organised this team, the opposition will always gain more inside 50s, but it was the way Demons played with the ball which was the cause for concern.

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Simple turnovers and kicks to no-chance contests just piled more pressure on Grimes, Terlich, McDonald and Dunn. That they coped enough to keep the Demons in reach at half-time was miraculous.

2.Salemís Goal

Watch it again. You know you want toÖ

The list of players involved, McDonald, Watts, Cross and ??? had all dropped notable clangers in the game. Last year, after a mistake heads went down and the opposition moonwalked over top.

Those players simply forgot their moments and stood up together to win the game.

That is the difference confidence makes.

3. Goalkicking Woes

Every single team the Demons have played this season has kicked more behinds than goals. After every game, the commentators have said this is luck against wasteful opponents.

Itís not. Itís defensive pressure.

But, for the Demons, kicking 4 points at the other end often feels more luck than judgement. Pedersen, Dawes, Frawley, Cross all missed chances. While all 4 had exemplary games, the Demons need a dead-eye forward to rack up the goals.

Fortunately, in Vince, Watts and Salem, the Demons have reliable kicks from midfield.

But, and let us dream for a bit, imagine the damage a clinical forward like Jeremy Cameron could do in the Demons colours.

4.The Changing of a Mindset

Reading through social media, ignoring the cat videos which make 99% of it, the comments from Demonís fans were despairing.

Itís understandable, how many Demonsí side have we endured whoíd give up after a goalless first term? Itís hard to believe in a comeback when you havenít seen one in years.

But Paul Roos doesnít understand the Demons deep-seated fatalism. It isnít in his nature. Even after admitting the Dees played like a 12-goal losing margin was coming, he kept his belief and inspired this team.

For the fans who made negative comments, the happy apologies were beautiful to read.

Not to mock them for not believing, but to see the gradual transformation from fans who barrack fearing the worst, to fans who believe we can beat anyone.

5. Young Fans

In all the millions of comments on anything Demon related, parents spoke of happy Demon supporting kids.

Imagine being an 8 year old Dees supporter.

All you would have known is defeat and despair.

Imagine going to school after being beaten by 150 odd by Essendon last year. It would be terrible.

The Red and Blue doesnít understand politics, but if it did itíd campaign for all Melbourne barracking kids to be allowed and encouraged to wear their guernseys today.

They deserve it.

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