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Don't Wanna Talk About It

  • Don't Wanna Talk About It

Forget about peptides, infraction notices, suspensions and legal action for one moment.

Like a comedy series that hangs on for so long Ashton Kutcher appears, I can't even be bothered to laugh at the Bombers now.

Instead, tomorrow's game means a chance for redemption.

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Saturday, the sixth of April 2013 was one of the lowest days for Demons fans.

It was a performance so rancid, many fans turned away. It questioned loyalty of the fans of the oldest football club in the country. If this is what

The Age described the Melbourne performance that day as reminiscent of "a team of kids who've been whipped so many times they forget even the most basic of the game's fundamentals."

The disposal count weighted 191 more disposals to the Bombers, the tackle count almost doubled 35 to 61.

Amazingly, Mark Neeld the architect behind the least motivated, confidence-free AFL team of recent memory would last as coach till June.

It feels like ancient history now, but in AFL rounds it's only a meagre 33 games ago.

The team who line up on Sunday may be largely familiar, but for anyone who witnessed the April 6 debacle the performance, the effort and the desire will not be.

For Dees fans, particularly ones who lambasted the 3 goal defensive performance last week against the Pies, it's important to remember just where we're coming from.


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