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Dees Ironically Toothless

  • Dees Ironically Toothless

1. Collingwood were the first team to set out a plan to play Roos' Demons. 

Every other team the Demons have faced have played their natural game, and with the exception of the Eagles, found the going a lot more difficult than they planned. 

Today, Collingwood set out to play Melbourne at their own game, with a compact midfield and getting numbers to contests to fight the determination of Viney, N.Jones and Bernie.

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And with the help of a disallowed second goal Bernie Vince and more dodgy marks paid to Cloke than a German insider trading expert, the Pies plan worked. 

This is the next step for the Demons. No longer is this team the plucky underdog, it's a worthy opponent teams will go out of their way to stop.

2. Commentators need to learn players names.

Maybe the Demons aren't the easiest team to call. Dawes and Jamar look similar, there's two Jones'. It all must be very stressful, when they are contractually obliged to talk about Jobe Watson's backside every 3 minutes.

But, when Christian Salem plays a handball, it's unacceptable to hear the name of Jimmy Toumpas called.

Yes, the Jimmy Toumpas who was left out by Roos entirely today.

If only they put numbers on the back of the guernseys....

3. Not Tyson's best. 

Dom Tyson has been a standout this year, an utter revelation and one the best drafts in the entire league. The fact that an idiot like Damian Barrett probably disagrees only makes it more true.

But today wasn't his best game, some bad decisions were made to keep running directly into traffic, or kicking poorly to the opposition. It was very unlike the player Demons fans have come to love so quickly. 

Having just turned 21, there is plenty of time for Dom to stamp his name on the QB fixture, and imagining Pendlebury today in the red and blue could be a glimpse into the future.

For this year, Tyson will just have to settle for 2nd place in the annual 'Best & Fairest Nathan Jones' award.

4. Dane Swan is a myth of a footballer.

Utterly absent for the entire game, Swan goes missing more times than Mr.Bean's car keys. It's expected of such an average player to disappear, but Swan's celebrity would suggest he's a more integral part of Collingwood than just the intellectually challenged kid in the corner who likes to draw on himself.

I wish he'd disappear from my TV as well he did today all the time.

5. Essendon are next. What crowd?

68,000 turned up today, and though the end result was disappointing, the desire and commitment of the Demons team hopefully won back the more lapsed members. This team deserves a clean slate in the eyes of fans, and are only heading in one direction. (that's up, not the boy band)

The best result for this club is to have another bumper turnout against the Bombers, who, ironically providing the cream on the cake, will be without Jobe Watson.

Who, if you haven't heard 23 times today already, is injured. 

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