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Right Hand Glove On Sale!

  • Right Hand Glove On Sale!

Get ready for the Queen's Birthday clash with The Red and Blue's Right Hand Glove!

Want to show support for the AFL's only elite forward to average an AMAZING 1.5 goals a game?

Can't afford the $200 for the official Adidas 'Clokie' 50-cent shaped replica boots?

Or do you just have one hand bizarrely colder than the other?

Well, worry no more!

Available EXCLUSIVELY at The Red and Blue's fictional club shop, this cheap Chinese imitation of Travis Cloke's singular glove is the latest and greatest AFL fashion statement.

With the 'Right Hand Glove', you can accurately represent the glorious moment as Pies fans sit down after Trav scuffs YET ANOTHER set shot 20 yards to the left!

And remember, to replicate Travis Cloke's DEADLY shooting requires NO formal AFL training. You barely even need feet!

But don't believe us, check these quotes we are LEGALLY COMPELLED to say are completely made-up!

"I'd never be seen in Colin Garland's pocket without one!" - Travis Cloke

"Before the Right Hand Glove, I only scored 72 against our under 9s. Now I kick 104. Thanks The Red and Blue!" Jack 'Jack' Riewoldt

"Before I took Suisse multi-vitamins, I was never featured on adverts. Now, after taking more tablets than an enitre mid '90s warehouse rave, I'm on the TV every SINGLE ad break! What do you mean 'talk about the glove'?" - Tom 'Suisse' Harley

"I would never take a picture of myself not wearing one!" - Josh Bootsma

"Without a Right Hand Glove I would never commentate by starting a sentence slightly over-excitedly, before forgetting what I was going to say and then would I suddenly end this sentence with a question?" - Dermot 'Dermot Brereton' Brereton

Buy one now! (Or don't.)

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