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A Reassuring Loss?

  • A Reassuring Loss?

Port 95 - Demons 75

Up against the big boys, the questions in the hearts and minds of Demon fans were clear.

Was this the moment when we would be put in our place?

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Was this the moment when the Roos fairytale would fall unceremoniously to earth?

Just like when the Demons of 2012 and 2013 would turn their member's hopes to dust, the 2014 Demons seem to defy the well-grained fear by nature.

Put simply, I've never been so proud to support a losing team. 

Sure, Port may have shown why they are now 9-1 in the first and final 10 minutes, but for the 60 minutes in between, the Demons were more than a match for the competition's best.

This very page made jokes against Cameron Pedersen, and Roos' faith in him as an AFL standard player. These jokes were eventually apologised for, as Pedersen defied his critics against Richmond and the Crows, proving his AFL class.

Well, just as The Red and Blue thought it had swallowed enough humble pie, today it got a smorgasbord of a second course. 

Pedersen, against Port Adelaide of all teams, was elite in his marking and kicking.

Name a player any Demon would have swapped him for today?

Absolutely nobody.

Sure, Dom Tyson may have tired into uncharacteristic mistakes in the final 10, but he IS the best young midfielder in this sport. For statistic's sake, he racked up another 30 today, and made yet another top level game look easy.

Some say he reminds of a young Pendlebury. The Red and Blue says he's the player Pendelbury wishes he could have been at the age of 20.

Chad Wingard, we have been lead to believe, is a superstar. Well, before he was subbed out unconscious half way through the third, he'd touched the ball 5 times. 

The hyperbole surrounding Wingard is just another example of the AFL hype this Demons team doesn't know how to care for. And, all respect to Port, even with their big players in Polec and Wingsed stifled, they deserved this win for their absurd levels of  fitness.

But, say a team with monochromic delusions of grandeur were to face this Demons team, Viney and Jones would eat them up and spit them out for breakfast.

Wait a minute, it's a monochromatic team of deluded top 4 hopes up next?

Lock it in, Eddie.  



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