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Bring On Fortified Wine!

  • Bring On Fortified Wine!

Why we'll win:

1. Only a fool would write the Demons off at present. After beating the Crows in SA, Roos' hard-working outfit are difficult to beat, and are a lightyear away from the Neeld debacle.

2. It's in NT. Against the top team, any chaos factor is welcome. Maybe Port don't have a good trip to Traeger Park, maybe Chad Wingard is bizarrely allergic to red dust.

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3. Away from their Adelaide Oval fortress, Port's only test has been the Eagles at Patersons. Though they won that by 14, they've only beaten early-season Carlton and GWS in addition, and even got beat by the not-so-mighty Kangaroos.

Why we'll lose:

1. The loss of Chris Dawes. In the opening games, with Dawes out injured, the Demons were keeping racking up the possessions without a long key target. With just Frawley as a forward tall, the attacking threat was reminiscent of a kitten holding an ice cream. (This image may require a kitten with opposoble thumbs.)

2. Port are top for a reason. The whole team is famed for their endurance and fitness, and as viewers are told every 3 minutes on Fox Footy, can all rival Roadrunner in the beep test.

3. Roos high-pressure football is reliant on the desire and commitment of Viney, Nate Jones and the newly promoted Aiden 'Pigdog' Riley in midfield. Without excellently-nicknamed Pigdog, even the usually tireless Viney and Jones could get unstuck in the heat against the 'fittest team in the entirest world everz.' (Trademark Fox Footy)


If 2014 has thankfully taught us one thing, it's to never write the Demons off. But victory against Port would cause AFL highbrows to be raised so high they'd threaten overhead flight paths.

A battling performance here for the Demons is all even the most red-legged can hope for. And hope for a red dust miracle.


Demons win by minus 32


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