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$8m P-Dang or 8yr J-Cam?!

  • $8m P-Dang or 8yr J-Cam?!
  • $8m P-Dang or 8yr J-Cam?!
  • $8m P-Dang or 8yr J-Cam?!

With Mitch Clark's retirement, the Demons have lost their highest paid player, and with trade season drawing ever closer, the extra cash is burning a hole in the collective pockets of Demons fans.


Patrick Dangerfield, or P-Dang as he is never called,  was the first man linked. Apparently, the Crows mainman was a Demon fan growing up, and rumours of million dollar deals to snare the young superstar from SA have been bandied around by Demons more gleefully than music fans speculating a possible ban on Miley Cyrus releasing records.


Can you really see the Crows losing another player for big money after the Kurt Tippett saga? The Adelaide club should surely have the funds to make a massive contract offer to keep Patrick surrounded by churches at all times.

And... if you were Dangerfield would you want to move away from playing in front of 50,000 fans every home game? (Until the Crows are losing in the fourth and it's more like 2,300...)


After Clark's retirement, there is noticeable full-forward sized gap in the Demons list. Chris Dawes, undoubted leader and inspiration behind the three wins so far, is never going to regularly kick 5+goals a game. And Jesse Hogan, even if he is on the mend, still hasn't played a single AFL game.

So, with news Jeremy Cameron would actually quite like to practice his singing voice by winning some games, Demons fans have been running around more excited like a kid whose just found 20 square metres of bubblewrap.

J-Cam, as he is never called, would be a guaranteed to kick goals in the numbers Demons need to make September footy. With Roos' defence, Dawes, Hogan and J-Cam in the forward 50 looks a tantalising proposition.


Jeremy Cameron is the face of GWS. Even if the Giants coaching staff want to play him as a full back, losing the pasty wizard would be a big blow for the fledgling club.

And there would be a queue if Cameron does leave Sydney. Fremantle, keen to replace Pavlich, would walk across the Nullabor to sign the youngest ever player to kick a 100. And if they lose Fyfe, they'll have the cash to match any Demons offer.


Signing a superstar would put bums on MCG seats, no question. And nothing gets commentators more excited than a player who's name they aren't reading from a teamsheet (see Ablett Jnr, G)

But as exciting as it would be to see a well-known name in a Demons guernsey, the last trade period was undoubtedly the best one for the Demons in many, many summers. Dom Tyson, Daniel Cross and Bernie Vince have all been integral to the rejuvenation of the midfield, and Tyson, in particular, looks like a B&F winner in the making.

Wouldn't it be better to trust Roos and Stone to find more Dom Tysons?

There's far more value of money in a player with ten 20-game seasons ahead of them, rather than ultimately paying a 33 year old Dangerfield a million a year.

Did Carlton get value for money by offering Chris Judd, the biggest name in the country, big bucks?

Instead of throwing dollars at big names, investing in list depth, young talent on the fringes and keeping the stars-to-be we have now happy is surely the wisest way to go.



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