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No Frawley vs J.Riewoldt

  • No Frawley vs J.Riewoldt
  • No Frawley vs J.Riewoldt
  • No Frawley vs J.Riewoldt
  • No Frawley vs J.Riewoldt

Even in the dark days of weekly thrashings, the James Frawley versus Jack Riewoldt rivalry was something to look forward to.

Even in the season where Frawley made the All Australian team, it felt as though he gave a little extra to get one over on Jack Riewoldt, and on the vast majority of times the Demon got the upper hand.

Unfortunately, with Frawley out with a hamstring injury suffered against the Bulldogs in the last round, this year's installment has been postponed, with either Dunn, McDonald or Garland expecting to take on the Tigers' mainman.

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Ultimately, regardless of result, this game will be largely overshadowed by the pre-game tributes to Richmond club legend Tom Hafey, but the Tigers fans will be demanding their team to finally turn up in 2014.

For us Demons, who've felt every loss in a recent head-to-head with Richmond which is so Tiger-biased it reads like the league ladder of the Big Cat vs. Antelope Championships (incidentally shown live on Eurosport every Tuesday night), stealing a respectful 4 points would still taste just as sweet.

Having long overdue bragging rights over this Tigers side - who still cause giggles to the rest of the league everytime they mention the 'f' word despite sitting on 2 wins - would be the making of an excellent weekend, and given how hard to beat Roos has made this side, feels distinctly possible.

It happened could happen again...




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