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What Now For Tribunal?

  • What Now For Tribunal?

In overturning the Viney suspension, the Appeals board have to declare the original decision so unreasonable that no reasonable tribunal could have come to.

As far as damning indictments go, it's up there. 

It's a proud time to be a Demon. There was uncertainty from Football Director Josh Mahoney after the  tribunal as to whether an appeal would have the jurisdiction to correct the decision. But even if the suspension remained, Melbourne did the right thing by the game by going the step further, allowing the entire footy world to stand up and voice their opinions on the increasing dilution of the spirit of AFL.

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What happens if an identical scenario as the Viney/Lynch one occurs at the weekend? How are we supposed to trust our tribunal knows what a bump is? The players may understand the rules as they are written, but the interpretation of them is as clear as a frosted glass of Guinness.

The appeal may have been a big deal for Viney and the Demons, but the acid test for the game could be still yet to come...

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