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Our Game Has Changed.

  • Our Game Has Changed.

With that guilty verdict, the game has changed.

Jack Viney, who will now miss 2 games, has been found guilty for a 'bump,' a decision which has caused controversy throughout the sport.

Hawthorn great Dermott Brereton has declared he won't attend any Hall of Fame events as a protest of this game-changing decision. The protests will surely spread further.

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It is clear to even the most fleeting observer this is a ruling based on the injuries caused to the unfortunate Tom Lynch, rather than the intent of Viney going in to the contest.

See that big, hanging mark taken by a forward, which adversely resulted in a sore back for a defender? Well, he'll now be in front of the tribunal.

Getting hurt is part of the game. It's a risk every player who runs out on the park accepts, and it's a side-effect, albeit an unfortunate one, of the desire and commitment fans demand from their team's players.

In this guilty verdict, it's possible teams will advise players to go against their nature and avoid contests because of the risk of suspension is too great.

What exactly do the AFL want our game to look like?

An over-sanitsed sponsorship haven, where nobody tackles, bumps or contests for the risk of getting hurt?

Do they not admire players risking pain for the good of their team? Or is this now considered too risky?

In over-protecting the players, the AFL is becoming negligent in protecting the spirit of the game.



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