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Free Jack Viney!

  • Free Jack Viney!

Playing hard and tough is a vital part of AFL and incidents involving clashes of heads will happen. The bump from Jack Viney, involving fellow Demon Alex Georgiou and resulting a broken jaw for Crow Tom Lynch was unfortunate, but will happen when players go single-minded for the ball.

Viney went in with eyes for nothing but the ball, but the collision between Georgiou and Lynch behind him resulted in the ball in the hands of Jack Viney, a clash of heads for the other two, neither of whom were to see the end of the game.

That the force of the tackle from Georgiou pushed Lynch down into Viney's arm was completely accidental, and only when filling in the spreadsheets and statistic calculator could the results of the tribunal see anything other the case being thrown out,

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If Viney is banned, the repercussions for the role of the contest in the game will be huge. Players could become so frightened of missing games through accidental, unintended contact, the hard-going AFL midfielders of today could be a thing of the past.

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